Yippee Yahoo!!!

Good afternoon all,

And it is a good afternoon because I’m able to show you pics of my completed railings for my front porch…..a long time coming!  I didn’t think I would ever see this day in 2015 but miracles do happen.  After searching and searching we were able to find a place with the railing we wanted, on closeout and clearance which makes it even better.  All the railings cost just over $1000 a far cry from the original $2000+ we was looking at. It took 2 days to install since there were some fussy cutting where the railings meet the porch but perseverance paid off.  Don’t the railings look great.  All that is left is some fine tuning, cleanup, power wash the porch and we should be good to go. I may even spring for some new bamboo shades since these are over 10 years old.


Aug 27, 2015

                                                         WITH RAILINGSSept 3 2015 b

I’ll post one more pic where everything is totally completed.  Then for those of you who haven’t had enough of this project, there’s the back porch which is next on the list.  Only good thing is that it is 1/4 the size of this porch so it should be a piece of cake!

Now onto some more cards.  I just found out that CASE means Copy and Share Everything so I guess that is what my “Yours & Mine” series should have really been titled.  Today I’m featuring butterflies.

                                    YOURS                                                                  MINE

39-c200484235f41ecba73365781281ef8a          39-LAC Crystal Butterfly 5-2014

45-88b5d3817cc596e6b455c8ef404740c4          45-LAC Butterfly purple 6-2015

51-cce9323d2a4d42cd8906a63738f9cbae        51-LAC White acetate c 6-2015

103-7fd74f2c5d1f5902f44a9e80f41338a1        103-LAC PCD Butterfly Challenge 5-2014

140-bf4b9260eb8548bcf63c4cdf531228b1          140-LAC Grey Stamp Floral 4-2014

Next week’s post on Sept. 11, Patroit Day here in New England, will be a special post.  Be sure to stop by and see something special.

Have a great Labor Day weekend, have a BBQ and a margarita for me!!!



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One Response to Yippee Yahoo!!!

  1. Robinongo says:

    Your front porch looks great! So attractive. I’m glad it all worked out.

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