Things are moving along….

Good Morning,

Things here in Boston have been hot and humid this week so I’m in slo-mo even with the air conditioner running constantly.  I can’t wait for Autumn and the cooler weather so I can become ‘normal’ again.

So progress on my front porch is coming along.  Lots of tedious work this past weekend which doesn’t really look like we did much but we did.  All good things take time. We’ve recruited a helping hand from my daughter, Jenn, who was the official plug banger inner.

8-16-15 3

The boards we are using are PVC and come with little plugs to cover the screw heads. What a great idea and it makes for such a nice finished look. No more filling in screw holes and painting.  All this is maintenance FREE! And we officially have one column using the original wood column which we encased in PVC board.  Much more substantial then the plain old wood posts.  Lovin’ it!!!!

8-19-15 2

On the flip side, not much crafting this week but I do have more “Yours and Mine” cards to share.

 YOURS                                                        MINE

29-     29-LAC Butterflies 5-2015

34-1502f4f36c378316a86d56f421acaf72     34-LAC Watermelon 5-2014

40-6a00e54f95df9288340168e992d32c970c-500wi     40-LAC Ladybug and friends 4-2014

58-95763e0b72c40892b8643a704a1ac659     58-LAC 5-2015 daisies67-1fe54995e9a7002589f17bee3df94cef     67-LAC Piano Keyboard HB 6 2014

Well, there you have it, another week gone by.  See you next week with more updates on everything!!



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