Fun Cards to Share

Hello everyone,

It’s been a busy week but haven’t accomplished very much except reorganizing and cleaning.  My porch redo is at a standstill until we get the last 3 pieces of decking. I’m hoping that this weekend will be the big push to catch up.  Did I tell you that I hate waiting for things!!!

On the crafty side, I have a few cards to show you, apart from my “Yours and Mine” series.

I made this card for a song title swap on my paper embroidery group.  My song choice was “Remember When” by Alan Jackson, such a beautiful and bittersweet song. Makes you stop and think back about your life. Here’s the link if you want to hear the song. WARNING:  YOU MAY CRY

Card outside

LAC Song swap 8-2015 1

Card inside, lyrics.

LAC Song swap 8-2015 2

Here is another card (in fact 2 versions) that I made for a red and white challenge on my card group.  I needed some ideas so I asked my family and everyone immediately said “RED SOLO CUPS” so here you are.  Who knew that the lines on the cup actually mean something!!!

Card for Red and White challenge.LAC Red Solo Cup #1 8-2015

Same card but for my libation loving friends. LOLLAC Red Solo Cup #2 8-2015

Here’s a card for my friends who share in my “Red Solo Cup” adventures!LAC Deco Lady 7-2015


Here’s what you end up like after years of drinking from red solo cups LOL. This is actually an APC (Artist Post Card).LAC APC Ma & Pa 6-2015

Fun cards this week.  Hope they make you chuckle a bit.

See you next week.


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