The Verdict is……

Welcome to my blog.

I hate waiting and waiting seems to be the place we’re in on our remodeling of the front porch.  Now we have had to wait for the city building inspector to inspect and approve our rough framing of the porch.  At this rate, I may or may not be able to hang out holiday lights in December!

So the inspection finally made it here and the verdict is…………

                              WE PASSED!!!!

Talk about being nervous.  Actually we only had to change out some screws to nails and finally go the OK to continue on.  Here we go again!!!

I’ll continue with my ‘YOURS and MINE’  posts of cards I’ve made with inspiration from the internet.  Thanks again to the original designers for your great work and ideas.

                              YOURS                                                          MINE

24-geo 9          24-LAC Asian vase 5-2015

25-961b8c883ed6f03b56241efd0d31e27b     Version 2

26-d7d7b678c8b10883dcc6dbacc5fbf504       26-LAC Asian lattice:floral 5-2015

27-b9342d0ed9c2a96616de280b1a7f99e5     27-LAC mini envie5-2015

28-17f472c935f8dcbed6042af41a762af1       28-LAC Floral Border 6-2015So there you have it for this week.  Come back often to see more cards and update pics of my front porch makeover.




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