Making progress


Today is a wonderful day because I can finally show you a pic of my completed porch stone foundation.  As I mentioned previously, the existing stone foundation was probably 80+ years old and was totally falling apart.  It was so bad that I’m surprised that I haven’t had more serious issues in the past.  But, alas, good things comes to those who wait and I’ve waited 32 years for this.  Look at the BEFORE and now the NEW.  What an amazing transformation. Things are put back, some new stone work added and entire foundation is rock solid (LOL I made a funny!!!).  I’m so please that this phase is completed so we can now move on to the next phase.  Hoping the city inspector comes quickly and approves the rough framing.

                                   BEFORE                                                 NEW

IMG_2297    IMG_2449 2

Haven’t been able to make many cards this week but I’m still prepared to show you several cards in my ‘YOURS’ and ‘MINE’ that I completed a few weeks ago.  Hope you are all enjoying this series because I still have about 200 more cards to share with you in future posts.

                       YOURS                                                     MINE

19-DSCF0001          19-LAC Adam Bir 3-2014

20-088c55f92a184ba4a645a27ca60fbae6          20-LAC Spider Friends 5-2014

21-d8df928f645e8b58434174d948cde4bd         21-LAC Coil Flowers 4-2014

22-Wilma        22-LAC HB2U 5-2015

23-4cb51784e10953405f2d650607881a02        23-LAC mouse 5-2015

There you have it.  I’ll be back next week with more cards and, of course, pics of my front porch progress.

Have a great day and thanks for visiting  me.


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One Response to Making progress

  1. Robinongo says:

    Your new stone foundation is so nice and neat! What a difference it makes. Can’t wait to see the next phase!

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