Cards and update

Happy good morning,

As predicted last week, my porch renovation has hit a huge snag.  Take a look at this mess!!!  Knew there would be some foundation issues but this was far worse than expected. So now a mason has to rebuild the foundation before we can continue. Slow process but hopefully we’ll be back on track by the weekend.


On a happier note, here are more of my Yours & Mine cards I’ve made a few weeks ago.  Pinterest is a limitless pit of inspirations.  Thanks crafters!!

                           YOURS                                                                                  MINE

7-3fa6b9a8d1795a150114ae0ced0d445b           7-LAC Mustache HB 5-2014

15-18512933DSCF7852           15-LAC Sal Bir 4-2014

16-0f4d4a9e45203e3d4053c99a2e0546af             16-LAC Birthday Birdies 5-2014

17-89d93530180937effe4fd1fd64454a73       17-LAC dress w:stones 6-2015

18-ed0f62017115a912a28f5181cc032056         18-LAC Silly Owls 5-2014

So these are this weeks Yours & Mine cards.  Hope you enjoy seeing them and maybe give one a try.  Be back next week with more goodies.




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