What a Week!!

Hello peeps,

Here in Boston, we’re making up for lost time.  The weather has turned hot and humid and if you know me, you know that I absolutely HATE the heat and I’m not shy to speak up and say so!!!  I don’t hold up well when it’s hot….I get cranky, irritable and darn right miserable.  I’m probably the only person who longs for winter.  People look at me like I’m crazy when I say I wish it were wintertime!!

Summertime here always means extra work and this summer is no different.  Seems I save the biggest project to do when the heat is on.  Check out what we were doing at my home during the long 4th of July weekend.


Tearing down my front porch and boy did it need it.  Owning an older home means there’s always work to be done.  Since my home is about 80+ years old I wasn’t surprised that the front porch was hanging on by a thread.  Lots of wood rot, crumbling foundations…..you know how this story goes. We’ve managed to tear down and frame up 2/3’s of the porch. We’re hoping to finish up this phase by the weekend, have it inspected and move forward. No doubt, it will be a long and hot process but I have visions of a beautiful, functional and inviting front to my home. I’m wanting a farmhouse style porch and hope that it will be possible.  You know how unreasonable these building inspectors can be LOL.

So couple the heat with the outside work, understandability, I haven’t had much time to work on fun things.  I have been busy, however, over the last several weeks and have lots of cards to share with you.  I’m continuing forward with more YOURS and MINE cards. Reminding you that if anyone sees an original card that is yours, give a shout out.

        YOURS                                                           MINE

9-74ec55df7329b64e05c15b5fac5eba15              9-LAC Handy  Dandy Guy 4-2014


10-Stampin up mini album (7)        10-LAC Stamp vines 5-2015

13-ce6d2881c90919176f42e4743ec7c367              Version 2


14-Mr & Mrs. towels 1               14-LAC Mr. & Mrs. Towels 5-2014


Great inspiration from Pinterest so I hope that maybe I’m inspiring you to give some of these cards a try.

Thanks for visiting me and come back next week for more fun cards and an update on my new front porch adventures.



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