A Summer quilt and some cards

Good morning,

Another week has quickly passed and unfortunately I didn’t have time yesterday to make my weekly post so I’ll give you a 2 for 1 post today, some cards and a quilt.

I made this “Summer” quilt a few months ago.  I just love the fabrics and had to have some in my stash. The colors remind me of the summer weather, hot!  Being a summer quilt, it has no batting, just the quilt top and backing which makes it perfect for summertime.  I didn’t use any pattern, just larger blocks to give a good visual of the fabric prints.  I got just enough fabric for the throw size quilt and some left over for another small project.

Summer quilt in orange, yellow and grey.

LAC Summer Quilt 2-2015 a


With the leftover fabric I tried my hand at some wedge piecing. It actually came out right the first time!!  I’m using for a center table cloth on my kitchen table. Just enough pop, a candle and some flowers from my garden.  How ‘summery’!IMG_2243


And now for a few cards.  Again, these cards were inspired by pics from Pinterest. Thanks to the creators for the inspiration. It’s so much fun and challenging to try and duplicate the original. Hope I did a good job.

YOURS                                                               MINE

1-417f5bdb8d8238a6eb973ae28967f5a1        1-LAC 4-2015 ruler birth year

2-4ff701394be7b402245b45758bc7095c             2-LAC pink swirls 5-2015

3-Cardiologist card               3-LAC Heart for Carolyn 7-13

See you all next week.


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