Yours and Mine

Good Morning everyone,

Boy, does one week go by fast.  Seems I’m always preparing a new post and this week is no exception.  I thought I’d take a break from  my ‘Throwback Thursday’ quilt parade. Frankly, I’m a bit tired of looking at all these pics of previously made quilts.  I still have quite a bit more to show but I’ll show them in future posts.  For now, we’re back to cardmaking.  I seem to have a silent mission:  To use up all my paper crafting supplies.  Is that even possible?  All you paper freaks know how much we hoard so thinking I’d be able to use up all my supplies seems a bit unrealistic.  However, I’m determined to give it a go…I’m on a mission!!

I’m sure, as many of you do, I get lots of inspiration from Pinterest.  I follow many card maker boards so I have lots to look at each day.  Without a doubt, I always seem to find something that catches my eye, something that I just have to try myself.  I save a pic of the inspiration, then when time allows, I go back and try to duplicate it as closely as I can. Sometimes I’m spot on, other times, way off track.  It just depends if I have the right supplies on hand (without buying anything new…remember I’m trying to use what I have on hand).  Sometimes there is a video to watch or a tutorial to follow, other times it’s just a picture.  For me, this is a great challenge and keeps my mind active and always thinking “How can I do that?”  The videos and tutorials are filled with step-by-step instructions but a picture is just that.  It’s not always easy to see exactly how something was done.  Was this image stamped, printed off the computer?  Is this glued flat or raised with foam dots?  Is this purchased paper or printed paper?  The challenge is on!!!

So with this said, I have quite a few cards that I’ve found on Pinterest as inspiration.  I don’t normally know exactly who the original designer was or even where I found it to begin with so if anyone sees something that is yours, I thank you for your creativity and inspiration. Some of the “Yours” pics do have creator info.

I’ll show a pic of “Yours” and a pic of “Mine”.  You be the judge and see if it was a HIT or a MISS.

                               YOURS                                                                  MINEab2e46a4c6d41482e69ca030b28cd0545Version 2                      b5425a18c6a4b906af9da860d88370612                    bLAC Brown Bow 5-2015

c1f2dc7d86aeeb83628942f0d4053393c       Version 2d4ff701394be7b402245b45758bc7095c        dLAC 5-2015 pink swirls

e4cb51784e10953405f2d650607881a02        eLAC 5-2015 mouse

So tell me what you think.  Did I do a justice to the original inspirational creators?

See you all next week with more “Yours & Mine” cards.




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