Graduation money pad

Hi Gals,

I thought I would post a card/money holder that I just completed for my granddaughter’s upcoming graduation next week.  I did see the original on Pinterest and thought it was a great idea and thought maybe some of you have upcoming graduations also and need a gift/card.  It does take a bit of planning since you need to use new money bills.  I had to order my new bills from my bank and it took about 1 1/2 weeks to get them in so plan accordingly.  Old bills are to wrinkled and just will not work.  Next you need something called “Padding”.  It is the glue that is used to hold notepads together on one end so you can tear one sheet of paper off at a time.  I did look in my craft stores and also the office supply stores but couldn’t find it.  It can be ordered online from various companies but I didn’t want to spend that much money.  I did find DIY instructions to make your own padding compound.  It was easy, inexpensive and works great.  Here are the 2 links for info on making this money pad.

 Instructions with video:  Money pad  Thanks to Lauri Seago at A Stamper’s Perspective for a great idea and video.

Padding compound:  How to Make Paper Padding Compound | eHow  Quick and easy. I found the glycerin at Joann’s in the baking aisle, vinegar and unflavored gelatin at the grocery store.  Just a note:  This padding compound is a one time use.  Within a couple of days it had turned to gel in the jar and I don’t think that it would be useable.  Not sure if you could reconstitute it with some water.  No biggie, it isn’t expensive so I didn’t mind tossing it away.

One hundred NEW bills ordered from the bank. Remember, this takes about a week. IMG_2161

Glued end holding bills together.IMG_2163


Top view.IMG_2166

Open view.IMG_2168

My finished money holder.  It was easy to make and I think it will be fun to tear off one dollar at a time.  I didn’t bling it up because I figured that the $100 inside would buy my granddaughter as much bling as she wants!!

See you all next week.


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