Truly a Throwback Thursday

Hi everyone,

As promised in last week’s blog, I’m sharing a rare moment with you….A ‘Throwback” of ME!  Now don’t start laughing yet, you haven’t even seen the pics.  These two pics are of me for my senior high school prom.  I did, in fact, make my entire ensemble. Keep in mind that it was 1968 and the big thing then was ‘matchy-matchy’ and I took it to the ninth degree!  Dress, coat, shoes, handbag and a “Gidget style” triangle kerchief for my head.  I believe the fabrics I chose were white satin (I forget the exact type of satin but it was lightweight and had a nice drape) and cotton voile (I think) stripes for the overlay. After all, it was 47 years ago…I have trouble remembering what happened yesterday LOL. The bottom of the dress was white satin and the top was the white satin underlay and the stripe sheer over.  I also included two slit pockets along the front seam of the dress skirt. The coat was the big fashion item then.  I actually made the entire long coat, also with slit side pockets, in satin with the stripe sheer overlay, actually like making 2 coats.  So feast your eyes on these pics.

This pic is of me and my date John, my boyfriend of 3 years.  To protect the innocent,  I’ve blurred his face…lol lol.  Take notice of the matching shoes which I dyed the toes and heels pink, the pink bow in my updo and my little bouquet of flowers.  I won’t even go into the huge blonde streak of hair…again very trendy at the time. The sash around the empire waist tied in a bow in the back with long tails to the floor.  Check out the long white gloves, how very Audrey Hepburn in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”!

Scan 3 copy


Here is a pic of my entire ensemble from head to toe.  Check out the little kerchief hat! The only one thing I can say is that my entire getup was completely ‘one of a kind’ and for the time, quite edgy with the stripes. Notice the nehru collar of the coat, very ‘in’! Was I the Belle of the Ball???  You decide……..  Note: Those popular Kodak instamatic cameras did take terrible pictures, didn’t they.ScanFast forward to 2015, here is a pic of my eldest granddaughter, Rhemi, leaving for her senior high school prom last Friday night.  It’s obvious how the styles have changed. Sparkles, spangles, slits, slots, mile high heels, hair extensions, glitter eye shadow, blinged out to the ninth degree!  Maybe the ‘ninth degree’ thing is the ONLY thing in common from 1968 to 2015.DSC_0020-2Glitzy eyes and makeup by Auntie Roo, coincidently and lucky for us, a makeup artist. Hair extensions, curls and auburn-ish hair color were a must.  Although this pic was NOT a ‘selfie’ Rhemi (undisputed Queen of the Selfies) has had lots of practice and comes off shinning!



And a beautiful Hawaiian orchid wrist corsage.

DSC_0017So there you have it, prom night then and now.  Tell me, who looked the best, myself or my Rhemi?   Tough to be put on the spot, huh?  I think each of us, in our own time, looked fantastic.  Funny that I still love my prom outfit and remember it as if it were yesterday. One can only hope that, in time, styles will revert backwards a bit.  Some of the prom pics I saw left little to the imagination.





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