Special post for Memorial Day


Today I’m posting a special blog for Memorial Day in honor of our troops serving in the armed forces, past and present.  During 1991-1992 I was involved with a support group for Desert Shield/Desert Storm.  Over the course of about 1 year, the group sent hundreds of care packages, cards and goodies to our troops serving overseas.  It was a unique experience for me to be part of this group.  My home was actually a drop of center for donations.  We would sort, package, address and mail packages every week to our service people.  One of the concerns was warmth at night since the nighttime air was very chilly. At that time I was in the midst of my quilt sewing frenzy and decided to make up a few quick quilts to send to some of the service people in need of a warm cover at night.  I believe I made about 12 in total.

Here are a few pics of the quilts I made and sent. I think I may still have the names of the service people who received the quilts but I’d have to do lots of hunting for the paperwork.  If anyone of you recognize that you or someone you know has one of these quilts, please let me know.  Or perhaps a service person may have left it behind and passed it along to someone else in need.  I’d be excited to see if these quilts are still around.  

062 Josephs Coat Desert Storm 2 1991 063 Josephs Coat Desert Storm 1 1990 066 Josephs Coat Desert Storm 5 1991These quilts were simple, easy and fast to work up but the rewards were tremendous. I would like to believe that my small gesture made a huge impact on our dedicated troops.

Just a quick PS:  Later this year, perhaps on Veteran’s Day on November 11, 2015, I will post pics and info on a huge Desert Storm quilt made in honor of the troops.  This quilt traveled throughout New England on display in local city/town halls and even to State House in Boston.

Thanks for stopping by and remember our service people, past and present, on Memorial Day, today May 25, 2015.

Regards to all,



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