Throwback Thursday…Amish inspired quilts

Hello again,

I’m showing off a few more vintage quilts from days gone by.  I’m not even close to showing everything so this may go on for months!

In 1990 I began veering off into a new quilting path:  Amish style quilts.  I’m not sure where or when I saw my first Amish quilt but I know I loved the bold colors and the simple design and thus began my “Amish” journey.  Now mind you, I did not hand quilt any of my quilts, didn’t have the time or experience to do that.  I again tied knots.  Although I love the work put into Amish quilts, I knew I was only going for the inspiration.

These 4 quilts are all the same design, “Amish Shadows” but vary in their layouts. All were made in 1990 and I tried to use as many deeper colors that I had on hand.  Not all are truly the dark solid Amish colors .

051 LAC Amish Shadows Variantion 1990057 LAC Amish Shadows variation 1990059 LAC Amish Shadows variation 1990052 LAC Amish Shadows 1990I continued to be inspired by the Amish quilts for the next several years and will post more pics in upcoming blogs.

Next week I promise a truly Throwback Thursday……prom pictures then and now.  Please do come back to see what was in style in 1968 and now in 2015.  You’re in for a quite stylish but really hilarious pic….of me way back when!!!



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