Throwback Thursday with a twist

Good morning everyone,

Seems this Throwback Thursday keeps appearing every week….one week sure does pass by quickly.  Continuing on with my travels down Memory Lane, here are two more earlier quilts I made.

This is the quilt I made for my Mom for Mother’s Day 1990 called Pieced Tulip.  After my Mom passed in 1991, this quilt found it’s way back to me.  Loving memories of my Mom, Olga.  She was a beautiful and gentle woman.042 Pieced Tuilip Quilt 1990 OlgaHere is a picture of my Mom on her wedding day in May, 1945.  Handmade gown, headpiece and veil.  What a beauty!!  Miss you Mom.nana 1

This quilt called Flower basket was made in 1989 for an order.  Notice the mauve and greens, quite trendy in it’s day!!!038 LAC Flower Basket 1989I won’t bore you with more vintage quilts today because I have much more exciting pics to share with you.  This past week has been exciting for me….I finally got to meet my new grandson, Domenic Jack visiting us from San Antonio.  What a treat for me since I haven’t met him and he’s already 10 months old.  The week was crazy and hectic but so worth it. What a precious little boy!

Little Domenic Jack, showing off his 4 new teeth.  Such a quiet and serene baby.  I barely heard a peep from his the entire week.  A joy to have around.May 13, 2015 Me and Domenic spending time in my garden.  What a cutie!Nana & Domenic 5-13-2015And, of course, posing with cousin Demi.  Ironically they share the same birthdate exactly one year apart.  Demi was quite the entertainer and showed ‘motherly’ care for Domenic. She just loved smooshing his binkie into his mouth for him LOL.  They actually got along quite well considering Demi has been the ‘baby’ with no competition. Occasionally she would get territorial but little Dommy just moved on to exploring the fuzz on the carpeting, caring less.May 2015 aQuite an exhausting week for me, shopping, cooking, visiting.  Every day was jam packed. I think I need a month off to recover!!!  Domenic, Mom and Dad are now back in San Antonio.  We are all having ‘Dommy withdrawal”.  Miss him already.  Come back soon.

I know family pics can be boring to some of you but this was huge in my book and just had to share it with you.  Not sure when I will get to see Domenic again, soon I hope.  Since I don’t fly or drive far, I’ll have to rely on Domenic being the little traveler and come to Boston often.  I’ll pay!

Take care all,


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