Throwback Thursday continuing

Hi everyone,

Here again with some more pics of my ‘vintage quilts’.  I’m finding it difficult to figure out how I had time to make all these quilts.  With 4 small children keeping me busy I don’t know how I did it back then.  Now I watch my 22 month old granddaughter and am having trouble finding time to wash my face LOL!  I guess if you love doing something you manage to eek out some time.

This first quilt I made in 1988 called Shoofly.  As you can see I was expanding my quilt skills with more piecing.  Simple but I still like the look of this block.

018 Shoofly Quilt 1988

Next is an Amish Diamond in Square from 1988.  Must have had lots of blue fabric, you think?  Typically, Amish quilts are made using dark solids but I think I was trying to use what yardage I had on hand.

019 Amish Diamond in Square 1988

Again with blues, a simple bar quilt from 1989.  Again experimenting with cornerstones.

020 Amish Bar Quilt 1 1989

Here is that easy half triangle block in purple and white called Pinwheel, 1989.  Such a versatile block.  Some of my newer quilts are made using the same half triangle.  I must like it!!!

021 Pinwheel Quilt 1 1989

Moving up the skill level, Fence Rails, 1989.  Where did I find the time to piece this?

022 Fence Rail Quilt1 1989

Lastly, a Log Cabin variation in pastels, 1989.  Must have switched my color pallet from blues to greens. I’ve made many quilts using the Log Cabin block. The arrangement of the block produces so many different looks.

023 LAC Log Cabin Variation 1989You may have noticed that no actual hand quilting so far. I must have tied a million knots before moving onto hand quilting.  I know back in the late 1980’s I didn’t have the internet or even a computer so I got all my inspiration from books, of which I still have.  My favorite book was and still is “1001 Patchwork Designs” by Maggie Maloney.  No quilt pics, only block designs.  I think I was aiming to make each and every of the 1001 designs LOL!

I’ll leave you with a few cards I made up recently, inspiration from the internet.  THINK FOOD!!!  I must have been hungry when I made up these cards, you think?

Anyone for donuts?

LAC 4-2015 f

How about a cookie?LAC 4-2015 c

Or an ice cream cone???LAC 4-2015 hI hope you are enjoying my post of my vintage quilts.  Seeing these pics takes me back to a more simpler time in life.  Point at hand, this is the 2nd time typing up this post.  The original, which I did save to draft, somehow mysteriously disappeared and I had to retype the entire post.  This would never have happened back in the 1980’s!  One good thing, though, I do believe my photography skills have improved or is it just wishful thinking!

See you next week,




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