Throwback Thursday on Friday


Well, what the heck happened to Thursday????  Thursday totally went by me without a single thought that it was Throwback Thursday and time to post some more of my vintage quilts.  So I’ll do a Throwback Thursday on Friday this week.

Here are 3 more vintage quilts I made during 1988.  As you can see, I was continuing my skill building journey as I began working with more pieces.  Again, I’m not sure where they went, if I sold them or gave them as gifts.  I should have kept better records.

This first quilt is called “Streak of Lightning”.  Simple half triangles which I cut and sewed piece by piece.  I now know how to make this block using full squares and making 2 blocks at once.  Practice does make perfect!

015 Streak of Lightening Quilt 1988

This next quilt is the same as above but different arrangement.  It is also called “Streak of Lightning”.  I think this pattern now has a more updated name “Chevron”.  Notice I also made a matching pillow.  Getting creative!  If you compare these 2 quilts with a newer quilt I made last year, they’re the same quilt block.  A simple placement adjustment makes it look like an entirely different quilt.

016 Streak of Lightening Quilt 2 1988

From my post on August 8, 2014.  It’s called “Ombre Herringbone Quilt” but uses the same basic block as above.IMG_1109




This last quilt is simply called “Bars”, taken from an familiar Amish Pattern.  Remember this quilt as you will be seeing some special quilts using this pattern which I plan on posting the end of May for Memorial Day.  Special Quilts for Special People.

017 Amish Bar Quilt 1 1988I have also been restocking my card stash so here’s a pic of some cards I made up last week.  Seems lots of babies on their way so I made up some boy and girl cards. Inspiration from the internet.

LAC Baby 4-2015 LAC Blue Eleph 4-2015 LAC Blue bib 4-2015 LAC Pink Bib 4-2015I’m not making anything this week in preparation for a visit next week with my son and his family.  Lots of cleaning, food prep and anticipation.  I can’t wait to meet my grandson, Domenic Jack, now 10 months old!!!




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