Hi peeps,

So what’s up with this THROWBACK THURSDAY????  Is it just an Instagram thing or what???  I say it’s a good excuse to blog and look back over the years and see what I was doing way back when…

I will also post these pics to my instagram #abitofmelac  Follow along with me there if you like.

I happened upon a box of pictures that I had taken years ago and thought it may be fun to see where I was back in the 1980’s.  Now I must warn you that my photography skills were lacking then as they are now but these pics are all I have to work with so bear with me.

These 3 pics are really my very first quilts (if you want to call them quilts!) that I made. It’s interesting to see where I started and where I am now.  Other than an initial night school quilting class in 1986, I’m basically self-taught in quilting.  Trial and error (and there have been lots of errors along the way).

This was my first attempt at making a quilt which I made in 1983, the year my son was born.  It actually began as embroidered animal squares.   Since I had some down time at my work, I needed something to occupy my time.  Embroidery was easy and portable so I purchased a packet of embroidery transfers.  I don’t think I had any real plan for them other than to keep me busy waiting for baby to arrive.  And I don’t remember how or why I decided to incorporate them into a quilt.  It was sometime after my son was born because I also embroidered a center panel birth sampler with his vitals.  On second thought, I think I made up the center embroidered panel and left space for the vitals, put it all together and then added my son’s vitals after his birth.  Judging from the vibrant color choices, I guess I wanted something bright and stimulating.  These little embroidered squares turned into a quilt, ruffle edging  and all, large enough for a twin size bed.  No hand quilting, just knots at the square intersections.   I do have the quilt and may take some better pics before turning the quilt over to my son who is now 31!

001 LAC Sal's Quilt 1983

This next quilt I made in 1985 for my eldest daughter who is now 42. I believe I made it using the sew and flip method but I’m not sure where or how I found this technique.  I certainly didn’t have a computer at that time.  Perhaps I saw it on a TV show, I’m not sure. Her bedroom had a purple rug (ugh) and little pastel flower wallpaper, hence the color choices. I’ll have to ask her if she still has it. I know I did use polished cotton fabric.  I think it was easy to make.  I believe I made the three striped panels then put it together and finished the back off with hand stitching.

002 LAC Jenn's Quilt 1985

And finally, this last pic is the sampler that I made in 1986 at a night school class at our high school.  Remember those night school classes….do they even still offer them?? Anyway, it was a six square sampler which was my first real introduction to quilting and I do still have this wall hanging.  I had no idea, who knew this one little wall hanging would launch a lifelong love of quilting. I do remember going to the bookstore and buying every quilting book they had with grand dreams of making each and every quilt.  You can see the colors I used, navy, gray and mauve were definitely 1980’s colors and matched my living/dining room colors.  Check out the wallpaper LOL!!  I even made ceramic lamps to match the wallpaper, navy drapes with gray and navy tie backs and several pillows also matching the flower motifs.  It sounds corny now but back then it was beautiful (at least to me).  Eventually, as all things fade, everything went, one by one as the kids came along.  Talk about trashing my beautiful living and dining rooms!  I remember one time my son, who was a toddler at the time, was actually wiping his nose on my beautiful navy drapes.  That did it for me!!  Everything came down and eventually went out.

003 LAC Sampler Quilt 1st quilt 1986

So what do you think?  Was I crazy?  Am I still crazy?  Would you like to see more pics? At last count, I have over 100 quilt pics that I could share with you.  LMK.

I’m not quilting or sewing this week.  Oh, I’m lying…..I am working on my 2nd utility quilt but it’s just a little side project that I sew a little when I have a few moments.

Hope to see you on Instagram.


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