An Easter Skinnies and babies

Hi everyone,

Easter is just days away but here in my Boston garden I still have snow.  It is melting and I’m hoping by the end of this week it is all gone.  Then starts the big clean up.  I’m not sure if my spring bulbs will bloom this year.  I’m holding out hope that they will.  It will certainly be a welcomed sight after a tremendously snowy and cold winter.

So I went ahead and hung my Easter skinnies wall quilt that I made months ago.

Bunny and colored eggs….nothing else says Easter than this!  Again, this design came from “QUILTED SKINNIES FOR ALL SEASONS’, by Margie Ullery.

LAC Easter Skinnies 1-2015

Also, so many of you has asked for pics of my baby grandkids.  I don’t like to bore you with tons of pics of the kids so here are only 2 recent pics.

This is Miss Demi with the Easter Bunny.  Following her usual behavior, she would have no part of the Bunny….same as she did with  Santa.


And here’s Domenic Jack at 8 months old.  He’s getting so big so quickly.  Crawling and standing are his new tricks.  I know that he will be walking very soon.  If he’s anything like his Dad, he’ll be a terror on two feet!!!  (Notice that Domenic is sitting on the quilt I made for him when he was born) 

March 2015

Wishing you all a wonderful holiday weekend. Happy Easter and Happy Passover.


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