Happy Spring to All,

But you wouldn’t know it from the Boston skies.  It’s actually snowing here and has been on and off since last evening, although not accumulating to very much but nonetheless, not very springish as you can tell from my yard pics.

This is where my so-called spring garden would be bursting with crocus and daffodils. Oh garden, where are you????  What say, another 4 weeks of melting? By the time my spring flowers bloom it will be time to rake up autumn leaves!

Spring 10`5 b


Despite the foul weather and the fact that it is only an unseasonably 40 degrees outside, I decided to go with my spring fever feeling.  After all, I made these spring projects months ago before winter even began so I’m determined to adorn the inside of my home for spring even though outside is not cooperating.

Instead of a table runner, I decided to make up some placemats, inspired from a pic on the internet.  I made four, all the same.  I used the simple fuse and applique method which is easy to do and works up quickly.

LAC 4 Spring placemats 2-2015 aHere’s a pic of my kitchen table with ‘pretend’ spring Hyacinths.

IMG_1661I also made up a Skinnies wall hanging in a birdhouse theme.  I do see and hear the birds in my neighborhood but they only come out with I toss them some bread. Again, the fuse and applique method was used. I did some outline machine quilting, buttonhole applique stitch and some large scale stippling.  And, as a matter of fact, I didn’t purchase one inch of fabric…all came from my stash for both projects.

LAC Spring Skinnies 1-2015


I’ll leave you with a little moment of brilliance I had this week.  Since I’ve done up all my seasonal stitching for the entire year, I decided to give a go at making some Christmas gifts…yes, you read right, Christmas.  And, why not?  Got the time, can’t go out and work in the garden so what else is left but to start on Christmas 2015!

Once I decided on what I would be making, (I won’t give it away since some of you may get one as a gift) I needed to cut out 12 small circles.  UGH! Cutting any size circle by hand is tedious, time consuming and, if like me, they always come out lopsided.  So the light bulb went off.  Why not use my Spellbinder die cut machine and a circle die to cut out the circles.  I did use Wonder Under on the wrong side of the fabric and then fed it through the Spellbinder as I would using paper.  Voila!!! Worked like a charm.

Spellbinder machine cutting fabric.  How wonderful.  What an entirely new world this will be for me since I have tons of dies.  The possibilities are truly now endless.

IMG_1657So I leave you for the moment to continue on sewing.  Eventually I will also be making my 2015 Christmas cards.

Until next week,






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