New Toys for Me!!

Good Monday morning to all,

I finally got out to do a bit of shopping this past weekend and I was bad!  I did spend some money but I also got some great buys.  You know when you just need something new, a new toy or just an update of something that’s seen better days?  Well, that what this weekend was all about.  After weeks of being stuck in the house because of snowstorms and thinking about all sorts of things “I need” to get, I finally did just that.

Here are a few of my finds that I picked up for my sewing area.

A new  old iron.  Imagine this.  A real, metal iron without all the bells and whistles.  Just an iron that irons.  It reminds me of when I was a young girl and had to help with the laundry ironing every Tuesday and Thursday after school.  The only difference is my new old iron has an auto shutoff.  I’m always forgetting to shut off my iron so this will help, for sure!  I found this at Ocean State Job Lot for $20.

New Iron 3-2015

Here’s a pic of my Rowenta iron that I’ve been using for years.  Still does a great job but sometimes just too much iron.Old iron 3-2015Nest, also at Job Lots, I found this thing.  Not sure what it is used for (maybe a toothbrush older???) but when I saw it on the shelf, I immediately thought of a scissor stand.  It was only $1 so what the heck, why not!  I did put a few pieces of wool felt on the bottom to protect the scissor tips and a few stick on magnets to catch pins.  How handy is this.

Tool holderAnd check this out.  A carpet sweeper.  What a blast from the past.  I did have a Hokey at one time and loved it for quick clean ups.  Where it went, I have no idea so when I saw this carpet sweeper (again at Job Lots) for only $15, I just had to have it.  Boy, what a difference it makes.  I keep it in my sewing/dining room, handy at all times.  I have hardwood floors but a large area rug as well and every single little thread ends up on the carpet.  This carpet sweeper makes easy work for quickly cleaning the carpet.  I LOVE IT!!!!  You can see my larger Electrolux vacuum in the background which I do use for regular cleaning and locks on the doors of my buffets to keep little Miss Demi out of my china, her new found favorite things to play with.  YIKES!!!

Carpet sweeper 3-2015My next new toy is a replacement toy.  A knit picker to pull snags to the backside of a garment.  I do have one of these already (at least for the last 15 years) but someone here at home borrowed it and never returned it to me.  I’ve been looking for weeks with no success so I got a new one.  I’m sure, now that I have a new one, I’ll find the old one.  TIP: Never let anyone use any of your things because they never return them, then deny ever taking it in the first place.  UGH!!!!

Knit pickerAnd, finally my last new toy, a shape cut slotted ruler.  This has been on my “I want” list for sometime but now I have a real need for it (another quilt in the making) and it calls for numerous 1″ strips.  I have been just cutting strips with my regular rotary cutter, ruler and mat since forever, but decided to get this special ruler and give it a try.  What a great cutting gadget.  I cut 20 1″ strips in under a minute!!!  I got this at Joann’s, regularly $29.95 (which I would never spend) but had a 50% off coupon so it ended up costing me only $15 and wellworth the money.  My new favorite quilting tool!

Quick strip tool 1Quick strip tool 2Quick strip tool 3


And I can’t forget to wish my granddaughter, Rhemi, a very happy 18th Birthday!! Imagine that, 18 years old.  I was there when she was born, seems like only yesterday. Boy, do I feel old!!!


IMG_1643That’s about all this week.








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2 Responses to New Toys for Me!!

  1. robinongo says:

    Happy Birthday, Rhemi!

  2. TA Carbone says:

    Rhemi looks just like her mom. Glad you were able to go out and find bargains and wants.

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