I’m Feeling Irish Today!

Hi Everyone,

Here in Boston, we’re slowly nudging toward spring.  St. Pat’s Day is fast approaching so that means spring is right behind.  YEAH!!!  I’ll probably never see my spring Crocus or Daffodils since they’re buried underneath 10 feet of snow.  Nonetheless, the snow is slowly, slowly melting and with 40 degrees forecasted for Monday it should feel like a heatwave.

Although I’m 100% Italian I still like to celebrate all the holidays.  Green beer and corn beef and cabbage are on our menu. So in celebration of St. Pat’s day, here is my quilt.

This quilt is a simple construction of blocks with a central appliqued motif in the center. 

LAC St. Pats Quilt 1-2015 aI also made a matching placemat for my table, same motif. The colors are much greener in person.  Must be my camera and not ME!!!

LAC St. Pats Placemat 1-2015


Have a great weekend.



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