I’m Perplexed…..

Hi everyone,

The snow keeps falling and I keep sewing.  If our weather doesn’t break soon, I’ll be needing to find more storage space for all my sewing projects.  My linen closet is full as well as a storage bureau.  I’m running out of space to store my quilts.

Nonetheless, I have completed another quilt this week, my crayon quilt.  For such a simple quilt, this project gave me lots of trouble.  You’d think sewing straight seams is as easy as it can get….think again, especially when your sewing area is small and cramped.  I never had such a close relationship with my seam ripper as I did making this quilt.  I just couldn’t seem to get things straight.  It definitely was a challenge for me.  I’m still not sure why I had so much trouble.

My first challenge was to make up the pattern for the crayon tips and ends, not very hard if you passed geometry in grade school.  I was not one of those students so I struggled with making up the ‘easy as pie’ pattern.  After much drawing, cutting and  taping, I was finally able to get the right angles including seam allowances. Once I made a sample and saw it worked, I was pleased with my non-geometry talents.  LOL  Anyone who is a pattern maker would have laughed like crazy at my techniques or lack thereof!

So with all the sewing, ripping, sewing, ripping I finally managed to get the quilt top completed.  Then the real problems started.  I didn’t have enough of any one color fabric for the backing so I decided to use white muslin. After making my quilt sandwich I realized that I could see through the muslin backing even through the batting.  So I thought to add another layer of muslin which did the trick.  I pin basted the quilt together and decided to do some channel stitching lengthwise along the crayons.  WRONG!!!!  The quilt was so thick and heavy that it was impossible to keep it straight while trying to stitch.  I won’t tell you how many times I had to rip out stitches.  After hours of frustration, I finally realized that machine quilting wasn’t going to work.

On to Plan B – hand tie the quilt.  I tied double square knots along the crayon seams.  Not what I wanted but it would have to do.  Since the outer borders were closer to the edges, I was able to do some decorative machine quilting along the seams.  I guess it’s OK but certainly not what I had planned.

Once finished, I washed and dried the quilt as I do with all my quilts, just to make sure they are no problems.  I proceeded as usual, giving the quilt a light steam pressing and that is when, yet another problem appeared.  Can you see all the puckers, especially the yellow?

LAC Crayon Quilt 2-2015 a

What the heck!!!  All the fabric used was from the same line of fabric, Country Cotton Classics and all batting, backing and thread were also 100% cotton, as I’ve used so many times before.  So why did this puckering happen???  Not sure but I’m not happy at all.  Not sure what to do now.  I’m thinking of washing and drying it again.  Maybe it is just be stubborn.  Does anyone have a solution?

I think the design and colors are great and it would be perfect for a kid’s room.  It is quite heavy and should be very warm.  If only the puckers would go away!  I’ll continue to search for an answer on how to fix this problem but I really think it’s here to stay.

I’ll take a break from sewing for now until I can regain my composure.

Frustrated but not giving up,




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