I MUST have cabin fever

Hi All,
As I sit here writing this post, I’m concentrating more on the upcoming estimated 2 feet of snow to come our way. This is on top of the 3-ish feet we’ve already received. In fact, the snow in my yard is about 10 feet high from all the shoveling. How on earth am I suppose to shovel and throw more snow over 10 feet??? I know, leave it up to the manly men who live here! It’s the least they can do if they don’t want meatloaf for dinner this week.

To combat this cabin fever, I’ve resorted to all sort of things to keep me busy, including cross stitch which I’m not fond of doing.  I looked through my many kits and patterns on hand but nothing was truly expressing my mental state until I came across some cross stitch pieces on Pinterest. Lightbulb moment!!!  These were perfect….exactly my feelings. Without hesitation, I pulled out my cross stitch supplies and began immediately.  In 2 days, I finished 3 pieces. Each piece is definitely ME at the moment.

Note:  For this stitched piece, you will need to either scan with a QR reader app or go to the website to interpret the ‘bit edgy’ message. 

LAC Scan code 1-2015 LAC Bitch 1-2015LAC Beeyatch 1-2015 bAren’t these hilarious!  I’ve seen these on the internet before and thought someday I could do something with them.  And here you go.  I had all the supplies I needed including the frames so it was almost instant gratification.  Haven’t decided whether to keep them, one, or give away.  We’ll have to wait and see how long I’m in this funk.

For information on these, go to the site blog at:  http://www.subversivecrossstitch.com/category/blog/

or the website at:  http://shop.subversivecrossstitch.com/collections/pdfs

Lots to look at, lots to purchase and lots to make you laugh!  I love them all.

Keep warm, keep cool and let the other guy do the shoveling.


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