Be My Valentine

Hi All,

Well I did make it through the holiday season, just barely….glad it’s all over and things are back to normal including my sewing/dining room.  Just one day after Christmas, I cleared out my dining room and returned it to my sewing room.  The next day I was at the fabric store buying fabric.  My goal for 2015 is to fill in the holidays/seasons that I need a quilt, table runner and/or placemat.  I purchased fabric for Valentine’s Day and St. Pat’s day thinking that this will all keep me busy for at least January.  Needless to say, I’ve finished everything for both upcoming holidays and now have nothing to keep me busy.  I may have to move onto Spring/Easter…..

I first made a Valentine quilt.  I will admit I didn’t use any pattern or even have a plan.  I just cut, sewed, cut, sewed sort of a wonky block type quilt and to my surprise it didn’t come out too badly!  Tell me what you think.

Here is a pic of the full quilt.

LAC Heart Quilt 1-2015 a

A close up.  I named this quilt  TO:  ME, FROM:  ME!  I added some buttons for fun.LAC Heart Quilt 1-2015 b

And, of course, I needed a table runner but I had to patterns I liked so I made both, of course.  I sort of followed a pic I found on the internet but with my own twist.

LAC Heart Runner b

This runner was more complicated than I thought it would be but I’m happy with the results.  Again from internet inspiration.LAC Hearts Runner 1-2015

A heart shaped placemat with an envelope in the center, my own idea.  I added some machine quilting and a vintage button.LAC Heart Placemat S&J 1-2015 a

The envelope contains “Love Notes” blank cards for messages of love.LAC Heart Placemat S&J 1-2015 c

Heart opened with Love Notes cards.LAC Heart Placemat S&J 1-2015 bThese were all pretty straightforward and not too complicated.  Lots of fun, too!

I”ll be back soon with St. Pat’s day projects.



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One Response to Be My Valentine

  1. TA Carbone says:

    Love Love Love everything in the Valentine’s Day collection. I tell you all the time, you amaze me

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