A Walk Down Memory Lane

Hi All,

Hope everyone is getting through the final week before the holidays.  I, for one, am all finished with everything and now completely bored.  Gifts are purchased and wrapped, tree is up, decorations out, cards mailed….what’s left but to wait for Santa!

So to combat my boredom, I thought I’d make a crochet hat.  Do you remember this hat? Did you have one?  Did you make one?  Did you wish you had one?  I had one when I was small, I made one for each of my 3 daughters when they were little, and also for my 2 older granddaughters when they were smaller.  Now it’s Little Miss Demi’s turn.  Of course, she wouldn’t sit still for a pic.  I also made matching thumbless mittens on a cord.  Remember those that went through the sleeves of your coat so you wouldn’t lose them???

IMG_1413 IMG_1415I will tell you now that I went to find the pattern in my files and, as usual, who knows where I filed it.  So I went to the website where I had got it originally and it’s been taken down.  I check the web and couldn’t find this pattern anywhere.  Good thing I did have my original hard copy so I scanned it (as faded as it is) and have it stored on my computer for safe keeping (again, maybe).  If anyone is interested in making one, contact me.



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