Holiday Sewing

Hi All,

Bet you’ve been wondering where I’ve been since October.  Busy, busy, busy!!!  I’ve done lots of sewing and now I’m knitting myself a sweater.  This sweater is taking up so much time I haven’t been able to do anything else.  I’ve since cleared up my sewing area which is in my dining room to make way for the holidays so no real sewing for me until after the first of the new year.  I have lots planned for 2015. I’m thinking a quilt, wall hanging and table runner for every holiday.  Yikes!!!  AM I CRAZY????

I’m into table runners and wall hangings right now.  They’re quick to make and fun to design.  I usually don’t use patterns for these but see a pic I like and try to get ideas.  Then I just design it myself from the pics.  I have several holiday projects to show you now. Some were made from patterns, others from pics.

This is hilarious!  I actually saw a pic on Pinterest of this wall hanging and just had to make it for my grandson.  They all live in Texas and I thought this would be most appropriate.  Of course, the pic was tiny so I sort of had to guess but overall, it’s very similar to the original.  I believe this is actually a kit to purchase but I just made my own pattern pieces. Lots of fiddly things but well worth the effort!

This is the original pic I saw.Orig pic

This is my version.LAC Xmas Mini 1 10-2014

I made this wall hanging for myself from a pattern.LAC Xmas Wall Hanging 2014


This is an adorable Santa table runner I made from a pattern.  Isn’t Santa cute.LAC Xmas runner 2 10-2014

This wall hanging I made for my daughter’s family, sort of “Frozen” looking.LAC Snowflakes 2014


Here’s a pic of one of the 6 table runners I made over the last few weeks.  All were done similar and machine quilted with metallic thread, a first for me.LAC Metalic table runner


And finally, a snowman wall hanging I made from a pattern in 2003 as part of my small snowman collection.LAC Snowman Wall hanging 2003Hope all these pics have given you some inspiration.  Any questions, don’t hesitate to email me.

So with all of this, I think this may be the last projects post until I have something new to show you. My sweater is coming along; all the pieces are knitted.  Now I have to put it all together and block.  I sure do hope it fits!!!  Come back to see if my knitting efforts prove fruitful or fruitless!  I’ll give you all the incidentals then.



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  1. TA Carbone says:

    I just had to share this on my facebook wall and like I said everything you touch is gold in my eyes

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