How Great is This!

Good morning all,

This week I’ve been working on another quilt but need more thread to finish up the quilting.  This requires a trip to the fabric store.  YEAH!

Next up are some pics of my new sewing machine table.  First, I’ve decided not to spend the $1200+ on a new machine.  My old Singer is sitting in the basement awaiting it’s final destination:  Either get it fixed (professionally) or add it to the recycle bin.  Is this recyclable?  I’ll need to think about this.  So in the meantime, I have a new machine table for my recently purchased Brothers machine.  This was to be a secondary machine but now has become the “star” in my sewing room.  However, as you probably know, machines don’t come with the cabinet as they did years ago.  To purchase a cabinet is almost as expensive as the machine so I’ve been sewing with the machines sitting atop my table. How awkward is this especially sewing larger projects such as a quilt.  I’ve always struggled with fabric getting caught and tugging.  Very frustrating.  So I took a better look at a refinished student’s desk I had in my basement and the lightbulb went off.  This would make a great cabinet for a sewing machine.  I had a hole cut into the top of the desk and set the machine inside.  How perfect!  It’s just like the old times when machines came with cabinets.  Lots of room to the left to hold larger pieces, 3 drawers for ‘stuff’, and a flat sewing surface.  I’m in sewing heaven.Machine front 2 Machine front 1 Machine Table topThere are only 2 drawbacks. The on/off switch is hidden so I plugged the cord into a powerstrip and turn the machine on and off by the powerstrip.  No real problem.  Also the switch to drop the feed dogs is also hidden.  For some strange reason it’s on the back of the machine so I have to lift up the machine out of the hold and flip the switch.  Again, no real problem.

All in all, this is a great alternative to the expensive tables, not that I would love one but for now, this is my home.  Anyone who has had the same problems sewing with a machine sitting atop a table, go to the second hand stores and look for an old fashioned students wooden desk.  Anyone with a bit of know how can trace and cut the opening for the machine.  A great fix for little money!


I’ll have a new quilt to show next week.



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