Nightmare in My Sewing Room!

Hi all,

Well I had thought I’d have somethings to share with you this week but I’ve come upon a slight malfunction.  Can you see what’s wrong with this picture????????

Singer 9-2014Yes, I’ve done it!  I’ve manage to somehow break my workhorse Singer machine.  Not sure what went wrong.  I was doing some stippling and BAM!  The needle broke and the machine seized up.  Thinking it was a simple task of finding the broken piece of the needle, removing it and begin sewing again.  WRONG!  I know where the problem lies but can’t seem to see anything out of order not can I find the broken needle.  Removing one screw after another, I realized my machine was in a million pieces and still no needle.  Honestly, I think that if I did find the broken needle, I still wouldn’t remember how to put it all back together.  I’m frustrated, annoyed and sad.  This has never happened to me, ever.  Not sure what my next move is but on the bright side, the machine is all cleaned so when it goes into the trash heap it will be sparkling!

So I may have to start searching for a new machine.  Fortunately, I do have my new Brother’s machine I got a few weeks ago but I like my Singer.  I have no thoughts of which new machine I would like, but I do know that a new machine will dip deep into my pocketbook.

With 3 quilts in the design process and 2 more “Skinnies” quilts to be finished, I’m having sewer’s withdrawal.  Unfortunately, there are no sewing machine repair centers near me and the cost of sending it back to Singer for repair could be extreme.  Besides, if Singer knew I had taken it all apart, they wouldn’t touch it!

So here I sit surrounded by a menagerie of bits and pieces, screws and tools.  I think it’s time to clean up the debris and start my search for a new machine.  I’ve made so many sewing projects, quilts, etc. over the years with this machine that it will be hard to say GOOD BYE.

Wish me luck,




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