Happy Friday morning to all,

This has been a productive week for me and I’m contributing my new found energy to cooler weather.  Finally I was confident enough of the seasonal change to take out my air conditioners.  However, I won’t change over to my winter wardrobe for another few weeks. Notice every time you do that, the hot weather returns!!!

I’m deep into my new quilting books.  This week I managed to crank out 3 SKINNIES wall hangings.

This Autumn quilt was the first one I made and followed the book directions.  It came out perfect.  As you can notice, the wall outlet is in the way.  I realized that I should make the next quilt a bit ‘skinnier’.  Also, most of the fabric is new.  I went to the new super Walmart in Seabrook, NH and was thrilled to see their craft department was well stock with great fabrics.  Won’t tell you how much I purchased!!!  Love the sunflower fabric.LAC Autumn 2014This quilt I made a bit ‘skinnier’ and it fit into my space perfectly.  Again, that gorgeous sunflower fabric.  The pattern called for hand embroidering “Pumpkins 5 cents” but I thought I’d try it by machine.  A thin zigzag and slow speed are key!  A little echo stitching and stippling make the applique pop.LAC Thanksgiving 2014FUN, FUN, FUN!!  How cute is this Halloween quilt.  I only have to add a fun button for the door knob.  I liked the echo quilting effect so I continued it further on this quilt.  I like!!!  And, instead of appliqueing the faces on the ghost and pumpkin, I used fabric pens to add the features.  LAC Halloween 2014So you all have to give these a try.  The more you make, the better you get.  It’s fun choosing the fabric and laying it out.  I used the blanket stitch on my machine for all 3 quilts, something I’m still learning.  These wall hanging quilts are a bit time consuming with all the machine quilting but again, slower is better.

I’ll leave you with 2 birthday cards I made for family members. Two daughter’s birthdays, 9-17 and 9-19.  Carly turned 30 on Wednesday and Jenn is 42 TODAY.  Happy birthday girls!

For Carly.zLAC Carly Bir 2014 For Jenn.zLAC Jenn BirOne final note, I know autumn is a week away but for me, it’s officially here.  I started my fall cleaning, a sure sign that autumn has arrived.  Two rooms down, 9 to go!!!


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  1. TA says:

    WOW you amaze me at how fast you do these. Tell the Jenn I said Happy Birthday as I already wished Carly a Happy Birthday when I talked to her

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