A New Quilt from an Old Pattern

Hi All,

Sorry I missed you last week but I was trying my best to finish up this quilt but just didn’t make it.  Poor Miss Demi has been sick so she’s required lots of attention. She’s cutting 2 more teeth plus a molar and a cold just to make it worse. Thankfully, after about 2 weeks, she’s starting to feel much better.  Oy, I forgot how cranky sick babies can be.

So I had an order for a quilt made up from autumn colors.  I thought of doing something I’ve been wanting to try for years:  Sunshine and Shadow.  However, when researching this Amish style quilt, I found that the squares are about 2″.  Yikes!!!  I can’t ever see myself making a quilt with such little tiny squares.  Albeit beautiful, I decided that I don’t have enough life time left to complete such an endeavor.  So thinking outside the box, I thought who says the blocks need to be 2″?  For me, the bigger, the better so I decided to cut my blocks 5 1/2″.  Not exactly the same effect but I like it and moreover, it didn’t take me a lifetime!!

This is a sample of what the traditional Sunshine & Shadow block looks like.  Notice the little size.Sunshine & ShadowAnd here is my version, sized up to a 5 1/2″ block.  I added 2 pillows to complete the set.IMG_1211Machine quilting close up.  I used a variegated thread.  BTW, this variegated thread cost me $11.99 for the spool.  It was a huge spool of thread and I thought I’d never in a lifetime use it all.  Well, after my 3rd quilt using this thread, the spool has dwindled down!  I’m glad I spent the money since the thread is great and beautiful!IMG_1214I also finished up a second “Monet” quilt for my daughter, Jenn.  It’s just like the first one I made up a few weeks ago.

Now onto new things.  After making several seasonal table mats and table runners, I had a hankering to do more so I purchased 2 books.  The books came Wednesday and by last evening I was already cutting into fabric.

Here are the two books I got.  I love all the projects and may end up making most all of them. I also got a great book on how to machine quilt.  I figured since I can’t hand quilt much anymore and really enjoy the quickness of machine quilting, I’d better learn more about how to do it properly.109886 101534So there you have it.  Never a dull moment here!  My machines are all threaded up and raring to go!  Hopefully I’ll have some more pics to share next week.

Later friends,




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One Response to A New Quilt from an Old Pattern

  1. TA says:

    OMG, OMG that is all I keep saying. It is beautiful

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