Happy Weekend all,

I’m still on a sewing spree.  And I’m still on the less traveled path from quilting making. This week I’m making hot pads and a bowl from clothesline rope and strips of scrap fabric. I saw this segment last week on Quilting Arts TV show and thought it was a quick and simple project.  Little did I know that I’d be doing this for an entire week!

IMG_1150My first mission was to get some clothesline, easier said than done.  I did find some at the local hardware store and it worked well.  It was 100% cotton.  The instructions called for 1/4″ which I couldn’t find so I settled on 7/32 which worked fine.  The next 2 rolls of line I got at K-Mart.  It was called sash cording, same size and same price.  However, this sash cording had a plastic core which was impossible to stitch through with my Singer machine and so frustrating.  Then I happened to be in Joann’s and found craft rope which was labeled 100% cotton.  I found it in the sewing notion aisle and for $1 less plus coupon so I was happy.  The rope from Joann’s is not as stiff as the regular clothesline rope and seemed to work up the best.

These projects weren’t complicated, just time consuming.  Cut the fabric into 1″ strips and wrap around the rope as you go.  And just so you don’t try to simplify the process, I connected all the strips together thinking it would be easier to wrap the rope without having to stop, attach the next strip and then continue sewing.  The ball of fabric was too cumbersome and kept twisting, unraveling and just a nuisance.  So, strip by strip is the easiest.

I made a larger, oval pad to accommodate my larger casserole dishes and two smaller round pads for smaller hot items.


Then I tried a bowl and was surprised at how easy it is to make.IMG_1152You can go to Quilting Arts site and d/l the instructions for free.  Here’s the link.


These were really so easy and fun to make and could make great gifts.  Do give it a try and let me see what you’ve come up with.  I’ll put your pics here on my blog!!

See you all next Friday.



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One Response to LOOK, I MADE A BOWL!!

  1. TA says:

    WOW you are doing what the Amish do and they sell them. HINT HINT SELL. Here is another idea, they sew the material to form a long rope like, they they use sand and lavender in it, roll it like yours and then sew it. When you put a hit pot on it you will get the aroma of the lavender

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