Good morning friends,

Boy, this summer is flying by.  Already August.  For me, this is good since I hate the heat and tend to get very whiny.  When things are hot and sticky, I do nothing but complain!!! Although the summer weather here in Boston  hasn’t been too bad this year, anything above 75 is HOT to me.

So on the cooler mornings, I have been working on a new quilt.  I’m sewing the binding on so pics will come next week.   I plan to make 4 decorative pillows to match.

But I do have some cards to share with you. EOP, Embroidery on Paper, has always been one of my favorite techniques.  Iris Folding was the first real technique I tried followed by EOP.  I was hooked from the start.  It combines cardmaking with embroidery which is one of my great loves.  These are more recent EOP cards that I’ve made up this year.

These first 3 cards are a set of patterns from “FORM-A-LINE”, Flower Tub Kit.

LAC Riviera Garden EOP 6-2014 LAC Spanish Arch EOP 6-2014 LAC Venetian Steps EOP 6-2014


The next 3 cards are florals which are always a beautiful choice for EOP. These are from “FORM-A-LINE”, Garden Flower Kit.


DAFFODILLAC Daffodil EOP 6-2014



LAC Tiger Lily EOP 6-2014


This Asian theme pattern is one of my favorite and I’ve made it numerous times. It combines Iris folding (branch and pot) with EOP.

LAC Asian Lady 2014 This last card was an border challenge for one of my cardmaking groups. The center daffodils are Martha 3D stickers.

LAC Border Challenge PE 6-2014So there you have it for this week.  I have a couple more weeks worth of cards to share with you and then I’ll move onto a new ‘theme’.  Maybe I’ll show the quilts I’ve made over the years.

Have a great weekend.  I’m going to the fabric store this morning armed with coupons!!!


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  1. Deepti says:

    Oh my these are so creative and so unique 🙂 love it!

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