Hi friends,

A quick post today to show you what’s been going on here. Talk about a wild and crazy two days!

First, it’s DEMI’S 1st birthday.  Of course, she was more interested in attacking the camera than posing so this is the best pic of many.  Don’t you just love her little outfit, “MISS JULY“, a birthday gift from Uncle Sal and Aunt Jadie.  She’s really feeling like one year old today.  The onsie should read “Miss Chievous”.

UntitledMy next big news is that I became a grandmother again last evening.  My son Sal and his gal Jadie gave birth to my first grandson, DOMENIC JACK.  After about 24 hours of slow labor, Domenic Jack arrived via c-section at 7:41pm Texas time.  Look at this cutie!  He’s already sporting designer clothing.

Domenic Jack 7-11-2014So between Demi’s birthday party and being on baby watch the entire day Friday, I’m pooped!! And to top things off, little Domenic Jack was born on Demi’s birthday, July 11 so they’re connected forever.  How fun to have birthday buddy cousins.




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  1. TA says:

    Again Congratulations to everyone

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