What Happened To This Week!!

Happy morning to all,

What happened to this week?  Where did it go?  I’m still back in Monday mode and it is now Saturday.  Every time there is a holiday during the week, I get all mixed up.  Places of business are closed when they should be open, people here are home when they should be working, I’m cooking when I should be sleeping…..my entire schedule is thrown off course.  So that’s my excuse for not posting yesterday (Friday).  I thought it was Tuesday!! Not to mention that it was the 4th of July.  I decided to have my little BBQ on Thursday just because everyone had other plans for Friday.  Then I decided to move everything inside because of the predicted bad weather.  Well, the weather was fine, hot but not rainy.  I was fooled my Mother Nature.  As for Friday, it was a nice day, much cooler and bearable but the rains did begin late afternoon.  All in all, I had a nice BBQ with family and friends.  Hopefully my internal calendar will get back to normal and things will be right with me!!!

So this week I’m showing you some GEO type cards I’ve made.  Several techniques make each card the same but different. And I’ll say it again, lots of inspiration from the internet.

This fun flower card was made using quilling strips.  I glued together several long strips in various colors and just made huge tight coils. A few quilled leaves and strips for the stem.  I added a small flower brad to the center of the flowers and a printed sentiment.LAC Coil Flowers 4-2014

This Paisley card uses a Spellbinder Paisley die cut.  I used both the positive and negative to create a 3D effect.  Light gray damask card base shows through  and I embossed the cutout shapes and adhered with foam tape  I added some tiny pink flowers and a few pink sticky back pearls.LAC Paisley Die Cuts 5-2014

A little more paper weaving which is simple and fun to do.  I made a woven strip, secured all the strips on the backside with tape and then cut or punched my squares and circles. Again I adhered all pieces with foam tape for some depth.LAC Paper Weaving Shapes 5-2014

This card uses a circle punch.  How simple is that!  The card base is embossed with small dots and the pink and black dots adhered with foam tape. I finished this card with some fun pink polkadot ribbon and added a sentiment to another circle punch.
LAC Polkadot 3D HB 5-2014

For this card I used 4 colors of dotty papers cut into 1″ squares and aligned to create this geo border onto a white card topper.  I added a diamond punched border below and a sentiment. How fun that the printed sentiment has the same colors.LAC Squares HB 4-2014

This last card I saw on the internet and liked the ‘metal’ look.  I used a piece of silver stock and embossed with a chevron embossing folder.  I mounted the silver stock to a double base card of red and black.  Die cut 2 rings, red and black and adhered to the silver base.  I added the Celebrate tag and a brad in each corner.  I only had 1 brad that looked like a screw top so I used regular office supply brads instead.  Great card for a guy! LAC Steel Celebrate 5-2014


So I was wondering how many cards I’ve made and decided to check out my stats.  In my card drawer I have 289 cards done and ready to mail out.  I don’t think I know 289 people!!!  This doesn’t include cards that I’ve already mailed out this year.  This got me to thinking how many cards I’ve actually made over the years.  I went back into my files and began counting.  SINCE 2000, I COUNTED 1016 CARDS NOT TO INCLUDE THE MANY CARDS I DIDN’T TAKE PICS OF NOR DOES THIS INCLUDE XMAS CARDS, INVITATIONS, OR SPECIAL REQUEST CARDS.  So I figure I’ve probably made upwards of 1400+ cards in all.  Is this possible???  Is this normal???  How much $$$ have I spent???

Seeing all of this has got me thinking that I may go back to 2000 and show some of what I’ve accomplished over 14+ years.  Oh, and these figures don’t include any other type of crafts, quilting or sewing projects.  I’ll show those too once I’ve finished up posting about my current cards so be sure to follow my blog and my zany love affair with sewing, crafting and, of course, paper!!!

Best to all,



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