Over the Rainbow…

Good Morning Friends,

Another week has passed and I’ll admit that I haven’t made a card this week.  It’s just TOO DARN HOT here in Boston.  I’m done with summer and can’t wait for autumn. Those who know me know that I ABSOLUTELY HATE THE HEAT.  However, we just purchased one of those new portable free standing air conditioners for the first floor.  I’m hoping that it will keep my first floor cool.  At least then I could crawl out of my heat induced cocoon and become a bit more normal!

One more thing before I move on.  Every week when I make a new post, I also tweet it and post pics to Pinterest.  I don’t know, maybe it’s me, but I don’t see any real value to tweeting. Maybe some of you find me via my tweets but I’m not sure how to find that information.  So to make things easier for myself, I’ve deactivated my Twitter account and will not be Tweeting any longer about my blog (or anything else).  One less thing I have to do.  As for Pinterest, that’s another dark area for me.  I post my pics but never see them nor can I find them.  Again, I’m sure it’s me.  I don’t know where my pics go but apparently some people do see them because they’re repinning…..question is, HOW AND WHERE ??? For now, I’ll keep pinning but I may eventually give that up as well.  It’s so frustrating! If anyone can shed some light on this for me, please do so.  Sometimes I just feel like my life is being taken over by computers.  Between the cable, internet, phone, laptop, iphone, ipad and everything else, I’m going crazy!  What ever happened to our easy, simple and uncomplicated lives????  I want it back.

So these cards today are from previous weeks but all theme related….RAINBOWS.  Lots of inspiration from the internet.

This fun card has 3 mini envies, each containing part of the birthday message. Embossed chevron topper with a string tie and a paper flower all done in fun RAINBOW colors.*LAC Mini Envie HB 5-2014 *LAC Mini Envie HB open 5-2014

This card turns the naturally green flower stems into RAINBOWS!  Punched white flowers with yellow center and a stamped sentiment add to the simple charm of this card. I’ve had this RAINBOW ribbon in my stash forever!LAC Daisy TOY 4-2014

The RAINBOW background of this celebrate star card was done in Word.  Who knew there are multiple ways of manipulating a graphic. I found this feature purely by accident.  I selected the background RAINBOW graphic, went into format picture, then to artistic filters and made my selection. There’s lots to pick from.  I think I used ‘markers’  ‘pencil’ for this. What a great way to get many different looks for the same graphic. Punched stars and some gems finish it off.LAC Pencil Stars Celebrate 4-2014

My trip to the home improvement center always includes snatching up a few paint chip cards.  How easy is that!!!  This time I snatched some chips with a RAINBOW theme in mind.LAC Rainbow & Clouds Paint Chips 5-2014

A while ago I purchased a small slab of basic color cardstock.  I later realized that it was sticky back cardstock.  Who knew!  That made these next 2 cards super easy to make. Peel and stick, cut strips and voila, instant RAINBOWS.  I punched a few flowers, backed the card front with colored stock and reapplied the flowers over the openings.  Added some gem centers, a RAINBOW bottom border and a ribbon tie (there’s that RAINBOW ribbon again).  LAC Rainbow Border 6-2014

More RAINBOW strips only cut thinner, all from the same original RAINBOW background I made using the sticky back stock.  A bit of paper weaving and stray glitter “HI” letters made this card super easy and super fast. LAC Rainbow Weave 6-2014

When making RAINBOWS, it’s nice to have all the right colors.  With all the paper I have in my stash, one would think that would be easy.  In this case, I just didn’t have the right colors so I went with what I had. Sort of a RAINBOW, huh?  Not perfect but it works for me.  I added punched flowers and tiny butterflies, and cut the base card edge with fancy scissors.LAC Stripe Rainbow & flowers 5-2014

Changing directions a bit, I gave watercolor another try.  I’m not great at it but I think these RAINBOW backgrounds were the best of the lot.  I wet the watercolor paper, added watercolor paint and let it spread creating this RAINBOW effect.  A bit of parchment for the band, some fun butterfly stickers and a stamped sentiment were all that was needed to make these cards.  Note:  I always do multiples when I’m using watercolors just because I usually have a few failures along the way.LAC Watercolor Rainbow 5-2014So thats it for today.  Hope you have an “Over the RAINBOW” day!



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3 Responses to Over the Rainbow…

  1. Robin says:

    Love these cards! Rainbows are especially beautiful.

  2. Deepti says:

    Oh how adorable ur cards are! Love all the happy colors, I am ur new follower 🙂

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