Bugs and Butterflies Everywhere

Good Morning friends,

It’s Friday and by now you all must know what that means…..more pics of cards I’ve managed to make this week.  Although it is Friday the 13th, a full moon, Mercury is in retrograde and it’s rainy and raw, I predict today will be a good day if I stay home and hide under the covers until tomorrow!!!

Bugs and butterflies are always a popular theme in cardmaking.  So much to choose from. My favorite are ladybugs.  In the garden or in the home, they’re so sweet, colorful and non-threatening.  A good sign when they come to visit my garden.

This cute little ladybug card was so quick and easy.  A hand cut an wavy frame, a couple of leaves, and a circle punch for the ladybug.  How easy is that!  Some fun ant stickers and a cute sentiment finish it off.LAC Ladybug and friends 4-2014Butterflies are my next favorite critter.

I made this card for a Butterfly challenge on my card making group.  I embossed the card topper and punched out a 3/4 cut circle exposing the inside of the card.  The butterfly is a die cut and the flowers are dimensional stickers from my stash.
LAC PCD Butterfly Challenge 5-2014


This card is oh so pretty and soft.  I used a piece of vellum and ran it through my Sizzix with an embossing folder.  I lined the underneath with a piece of soft rainbow paper, used chalk to lightly color the butterflies and accents, added a flower and some ribbon. Sure beats the long process of hand embossing parchment although nothing can really compare to parchment by hand.LAC Parchment Butterfly Chalked 5-2014


Isn’t this card just so beautiful!  Again I used my one and only butterfly die. I used blue paper this time because blue was the color that I had the most flat backs.  I used several shades of blue flat back crystals, some sticky back, some heat melt. I’ll admit it was tedious hand applying all the little gems but what a beautiful effect. I added some blue glitter to the butterfly along with a few gems. Also, the blue paper has a pearl finish. Inspiration from the internet.  Saving this for someone special.LAC Crystal Butterfly 5-2014


Although I get a bit nervous around bees in my garden, they’re an important resident. I incorporated a bit of hand stitching along with a purchased bee sticker from my stash and a handcut sun graphic. I also used my tiny alphabet stamps for “Bee Happy”.  I can never get a straight line stamping letters so I just go with an irregular line which I think adds to the whimsy.LAC Bee Happy EOP 5-2014


I saw this idea on the internet and thought making it may just lessen my fear of spiders. YUK!!! Dotty paper and circle punches for the buggies, strips of black paper for their dangle webby thing and hand drawn legs (or arms????)  Google eyes and a repeat of my well used “friends” stamp.  A tiny little bumble bee stamp colored in with yellow completes this ‘play date’.LAC Spider Friends 5-2014So no matter how many cute and fun buggie cards I make, I still don’t like dealing with them. I’ve been chasing a tiny little moth in my home for days.  So far, she’s eluded capture and release back into the great wild abyss.

Note:  I do try to capture and release any buggies I find residing in my home but also do keep my can of Raid handy just in case the little bugger has more than 4 legs.  That’s when I freak.  The more legs, the faster they run and the less chance of my peacefully capturing them.  Sorry guys!!!

Have a wonderful bug-free Friday the 13th!!




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One Response to Bugs and Butterflies Everywhere

  1. Linda, these cards put a big smile on my face this morning 😀 I too have been crafting away on a rainy morning and booted the 13th buju mojo right out the door!

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