And the birthday season has begun!

Hi All,

I don’t know about your family but my family’s birthdays all seem to bunch up at one time which drives me into a frenzy!  I get birthday-ed out.  Too much all at once and I get like a chicken with no head.  Here’s a glance of what I’m up against.

  • Feb. 21 Birthday
  • March 9 Birthday
  • May Mother’s day
  • May 26 Birthday
  • June 5 Birthday
  • June 8 Birthday
  • June Father’s Day
  • July 11 Birthday
  • July 24 (expected) birthday
  • Aug. 5 Birthday
  • August 11 Birthday
  • Sept. 17 Birthday
  • Sept. 19 Birthday
  • Oct. 18 Birthday

This is just family…friends are extra.  And don’t forget the regular holidays in between all of this.  Last evening we celebrated the 2 June birthdays together since this weekend will evolve around my granddaughter’s prom.  I’ve given up on trying to figure out clever and well appreciated gifts so now I just give money (the best loved gift ever). I did plan ahead this year and have done up cards for the family for the entire year.  Without spilling the beans, here are a few cards I’ve already given so it’s safe to show them now.

This is a fun birthday card.  My ex is always one step behind in all conversations so I always tell him to put his antenna’s up and tune in to the conversation so this was a gentle reminder to pay attention!
zLAC DGC Bir 2014

This card was for my SIL who is always working, doing something with tools.  He’s always going in many directions at once.  Happy Birthday to Greg!zLAC Greg Bir 2014

This is a card I made for my son who will be a first time dad this July.  He’s a computer geek!
LAC Sal Dad's Day 2014

These two get well cards were made for stock but I sent one to my daughter’s MIL who fell down the stairs (or should I say one little step) and broke her upper thigh.LAC Bandaid Get Well 4-2014

This last card was for an Embroidery on Paper challenge, combining paper embroidery with Lace.  This, too, is in the mail to my partner.  Hope she likes it.LAC PE 6-2014 PE & Lace SwapThere are more birthday cards coming as they come up.  Right now I’m playing with some new dies that were a birthday present.  Oh, and if you’re wondering, on the date list above, my birthday was May 26.  I’m now officially 29 (again).

Bye for now,



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