Birdies Everywhere!

Hi All,

Don’t you just love the little birdies chirping at 4am!!  They’re my wakeup call.  This year I’ve seen so many new birds in my area or maybe I’ve just missed seeing them before. Robins are everywhere along with Orioles, Cardinals, Blue Jays, and several I don’t know. I also saw a Canary flying around, probably someone’s pet who got loose.  When I toss out some bread it’s a race to see who gets there first, the birds or the squirrels.  I put out lots so there’s some for all.

So as tribute to my seasonal friends, here are some birdie cards.  As always, inspiration from the internet.

I got inspiration for this card from the internet.  I’ll use it as a ‘far away’ birthday card.LAC Airmail Bird 4-2014

These next two pics are for a challenge on one of my card groups.  The challenge was to make a flip stack card.  I had this birdie stamp set waiting to be used and they just happened to be the right size.    (Closed)LAC Birds Flip Stack PCD chalenge 5-2014


LAC Birds Flip Stack 2

These little birthday birdies were too cute.  Finally used some of my fun hat stickers.LAC Birthday Birdies 5-2014

Lastly, a card I made for Jadie, mom-to-be.  Awaiting the arrival of my first grandson this July 24. After 3 granddaughters I’m finally able to use ‘BLUE‘!!LAC Jadie Mom's Day 2014That’s it for this week.  Sitting here in Boston still waiting for spring to (really) arrive!



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