Cardmaking day….again

Hi All,

Another productive week in my cardmaking adventures although I must admit I’m getting a bit pooped out.  Today I’m showing some fun cards again finding inspiration on the internet.

This first card is made up using some fun drink stickers and a printed sun graphic.  I also printed the words onto cardstock from my computer.LAC Cheers 4-2014

This card incorporates a bit of Embroidery on Paper (EOP).  Just a simple stitch follows a plane and cityscape graphics I printed from my computer and hand cut.LAC EOP Cityscape & Plane 5-2014 I saw this on the internet and just had to make one.  Lots of hand cutting and punching but fun.LAC Groucho Max Bir 4-2014 And what kid doesn’t like Legos.  I’ve made several Lego kids cards.  Always a hit!  Again, graphics from the internet.LAC Lego Bir 4-2014 I see this light bulb a lot and think it’s a brilliant idea.  Of course, I spelt brilliant wrong so I have to fix that mistake.  Guess “I” wasn’t so brilliant after all LOL.LAC Light Bulb HB 5-2014

Guess if I’m showing mistakes, I have to show you this blunder.  This is an Iris Fold pic of a shark.  However, he looks like some sort of dolphin with teeth.  That’s because he’s up-side-down.  After the iris folding, I must have turned it going the wrong way, embroidered the teeth and continued to finished off the card with embellishments.  He looked fine to me until it was pointed out that a sharks fin goes upward, not downward. If you turn him the correct way, his teeth are coming out of his head LOL LOL.  Oh well, just another day in paperland!Mistake

That’s it for this week.  Hope you’ve got some inspiration and a good laugh!



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