This Week in Cardmaking….continued

Hello again,

Another productive week for me in my cardmaking marathon.  Since the weather has been uncooperative, I’ve managed to eek out quite a few cards.  Not sure what I’ll do with them all but the journey has been fun!

On one of my cardmaking groups we had a die cut swap.  My great partner, Cathy P sent me tons of fabulous die cuts.  I’m anxious to use them all!  Here’s one of the dies used in a central motif.

LAC Accent 4-2014

Another  die cut from Cathy were sandals.  I was only able to fit one on the card so I have a second sandal for another card.LAC Sandal 4-2014

Here is the third die cut from Cathy that I used.  It was in 2 sections so I anchored one at the top, one at the bottom and a sentient in the middle empty space.LAC Trellis Flowers 4-2014

This bow card was a challenge.  I believe there is a die for this bow but I decided to make my own template and hand cut.  Lots of tedious cutting but you must agree, how cute is this!  NOTE:  Textured cardstock doesn’t work very well.  The lines in the stock cause the bow to crimp as you form the curves.  Smooth, medium weight cardstock is best.LAC Pastel Bows 4-2014
This card was also a challenge.  I wanted to make this card so that you can substitute the day of the week for the “Your Birthday” flag.  Depending on which day of the week you will eliminate, I needed some way to temporarily hold the flags until I know which day I will replace.  I found removable glue dots which worked out perfectly.  
LAC Week Day HB 4-2014I will have more to share with you next week so come back next Friday.  If anyone wants more info on any of these cards, just email me.

Have a great weekend.



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