When Will This Madness End!

Happy morning to all,

Well, I’ve done it again.  I’ve taken on a ‘small’ project that somehow grew into a huge, maddening affair.  Some time ago, I made up a blue embroidered quilt entitled “Under the Sea”.  I made it for a future grandson and finally he’ll arrive this July.  For once I was ahead of schedule.

My original plan was to make an Iris Fold card to resemble one of the embroidered blocks on the quilt.  Problem was, they are all so darn cute I couldn’t make up my mind which one to make.  I decided to make one for each of the blocks in the quilt and mount them on mat board and frame. HA!!!!  Easier said then done.  The IF pics, themselves, were not difficult except that I couldn’t just leave them at the folded stage. ….the project grows.  Incidentally, some of the IF patterns I had but others I needed to make myself, something which I hadn’t done before.  How hard can that be????  Although my designs worked out fine, it was a challenge for me.  I don’t really design Iris Fold patterns.  With that accomplished, I decided the pics needed something else so I decided to do a bit of embroidery on paper, just some accent stitching….the project grows.  Once the embroidery was completed, I still thought they needed a little punch so I added the paper elements, sand, grass, etc.  Not hard, just time consuming.  Finally, I had the 9 pics complete and ready to mount and frame…..wrong.  I inadvertently mounted the shark pic upside down so he looked like a dolphin with teeth LOL.  Good thing my SIL noticed it or it would have been a funny mistake in the finished collage.IMG_20140318_0001My firocious dolphin LOL. Sharks have the fin on top, dolphins on the bottom.

Back to the drawing board to make an entirely new shark, swimming right side up!  I laid out the pics to get some measurements….the project grows.  It came out to some odd size that would have required a custom frame made, lots of money I didn’t intend on spending.  I did pick up a large piece of dark blue mat board and after being unsuccessful with finding one large frame,  I decided maybe 3 separate frames would be easier….wrong.  After visiting several stores and frustration building, I lucked out at Target (my last hope) and found 3 (only 3 on the shelf), long, narrow frames that would accommodate 3 pics in a row.  I quickly grabbed them and checked out, guarding them with my life.  The 9 pics fit perfectly, 3 in each frame and finally, after a week of craziness, they were done.

My mistakes:  First, I should have purchased the frame and mats first and then made my pics to fit.  I did it backwards.  Next, I should have marked each pic which end was up to make sure it was traveling in the correct way.  Had I thought my plan out first, I would have copied all the embroidered sea critters and made all my own patterns so they matched the quilt.

All in all, I think my collage came out great and I’m pleased.  And the more I think about it, 3 separate frames will lend itself to many more hanging options.  Plus, mailing one huge frame with glass to Texas caused me concern.  Aside from the fact that it would be huge and cost a small fortune to mail, I was afraid that the glass may have probably broken in transit.Collage 1

Finished three framed pics.

Under the Sea 2010 1Under the Sea Embroidered Quilt.

These gifts will be given when the baby arrives so that I can attach a signature plate to the quilt.

Finally, I can mark another project “complete”.  I really can’t imagine that I would decide to do yet another quick baby project, although I have seen some really cute things on the internet…..no, no……this madness needs to end LOL.



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