Finished At Last!

Hi all,

I promise, this will be the very last post on baby bibs.  I thought I was done sewing until I found this adorable bib style and just had to make a few, well OK, 20 or so!  I did purchase a little fabric (bandana style) and also used leftover scraps from other projects so these didn’t cost me a lot.  And they’re so quick and easy, anyone can do it.  I’m calling them “DROOL BANDANAS”.  I guess these are nothing new, lots on the internet, but they were new to me.  I made up some for boys and some for girls.  Aren’t they cute.IMG_0747Here’s a pic of Demi wearing one.  FRONT VIEWIMG_0750


The pattern is basically an elongated triangle (is there such a thing?) and one button hole for closure.  So very simple.  I can’t take credit for the pattern although I did add a thin piece of iron fusible to the inside edges because they are cut on the bias.  Stitch up, turn, topstitch and add button hole.  How easy is that!!  For the bandana print, I purchased pre-made bandanas from the craft store.  If you lay it out right, you can get 2 bibs from one bandana.  Some matching backing fabric and you’re good to go.

Here’s where I got the idea.

Hope you all give this a try.  They make adorable and quick baby gifts.

Have a great day!



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3 Responses to Finished At Last!

  1. TA Carbone says:

    wish they had these when my son was a baby

  2. Rob O'Neill says:

    I think you have spent all your effort through this. I love the colors of these bibs, so cute. I’d like to ask, why did you not put anything that will hold both the ends of the bibs like snaps, buttons or Velcro? Great Job and nice technique in putting only a “button hole” for closure.

    • linda42c says:

      Thanks, Rob, for your lovely comment on my bibs. These bibs are so easy and so much fun and I used lots of my scraps so no real expense here. These bibs did end up having the buttonhole closure. I find the buttonhole is very easy and adjustable.

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