Potholder Frenzy

Good Morning,

It’s been a wacky couple of days here.  With no real project to work on as yet, I decided to do some practice stitching.  I’ve tried free motion stippling before but wasn’t very pleased with my results.  I knew I needed practice.  I also knew that I had lots of scrap fabric begging to be used up.  Well, why not make something useful while practicing my machine stitching.  I made up 29 potholders in 2 days.  Making the potholder itself was a bit of a challenge just trying to find enough scraps to make 2 9″ x 9″ squares per pot holder and be, at least, a bit coordinated.  Once I completed the fabric hunt, I also cut matching Insul-Bright batting for each pot holder.  I pot holder should be able to resist heat and the Insul-Bright does a good job.  So away I went, stitching up a storm.  And here’s the results.29 Potholders

Nothing too fantastic but who cares….they’re just pot holders.  And here’s my stippling. Not too bad for a beginner and I did get better as I went along.  However, I still have a long way to go for perfection.Free Motion stippling

It’s not as easy as one might think!  I’ll keep a few and give a few as gifts but what do I do with the rest?????  Any suggestions?




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One Response to Potholder Frenzy

  1. TA Carbone says:

    BEAUTIFUL. You could always send me another set lol kidding

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