Winding Up and Down

Happy Holidays,

Things are winding up and down here.  Up for the holiday preparations and down for projects.  I’m busy planning my holiday menu and preparing for the family to arrive. Very hectic but lots of anticipation.  Snow has fallen here in Boston so we should be guaranteed of a white Christmas if it all doesn’t melt first.

As for any crafting projects, I did manage to finish my granddaughter’s quilt.  It’s a twin bed size so she won’t be using it soon.  Here are some pics.  Lots of hand quilting.  I like my final results.  I haven’t hand quilted in some time so my fingers were a bit out of practice but the more I quilted, the easier it got.  Like riding a bike….you never forget.

So what do you all think?IMG_0618Full view



Signature plateIMG_0622

I have already selected my next big project for 2014.  A throw size quilt for my living room.  I’ve ordered the pattern and will plan a field trip to the fabric store soon.  Best part of starting a new quilt is shopping for fabric.  A trip to the fabric store is like going on a mini vacation!



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One Response to Winding Up and Down

  1. TA Carbone says:

    ok I will take a full size quilt also. Or a crochet one lol
    Your fantastic

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