Holiday Sewing

Good Morning friends,

Although it’s been a hectic couple of weeks I have managed to get lots accomplished. Besides scheduling 6 appointments in the past 2 weeks and keeping all of them!!!, I also have been sewing for the holidays.  After several trips to the fabric store, I’ve finally cut into all my new fabric and been sewing up a storm.

Here are three holiday aprons I made for myself.  Along with being somewhat festive I will also save my clothing from stains while I cook.  Somehow every bit of excess manages to find itself onto my clothing.  So I guess I’ll take a cue from my grandmother and wear aprons from now on!!  I also made a half apron for my daughter but …oops forgot to take a pic.

Fall leaves for Thanksgiving.LAC Thanksgiving Apron 2013“Maxine” for Christmas Eve.LAC Xmas Apron 1 2013

And snowflakes and lights for Christmas Day.LAC Xmas Apron 2 2013

I also made up an assortment of coordinating linens.  Two table cloths, 4 placemats and several potholders.LAC Asstd Linens Holiday 2013

I’m hoping that with all these linens no one will notice my not so perfect cooking!!!

On the knitting front, I made up this little Santa Hat for Demi.  It was a bit snug so I did make another a little larger.LAC Demi Hat 1 2013

And a stocking with her name and date machine embroidered on the cuff.  A former co-worker gave me a basic embroidery machine many months ago and this is actually the first time I did up something constructive.  It’s not perfect but good for my first attempt.LAC Demi Stkg Front 2013
LAC Demi Stkg Back 2013



Lastly, my craft fair was yesterday.  Although the accommodations were great, sales were quite limited.  Seems as though people were just looking and not buying much.  I wasn’t alone as every other vendor had poor sales.  I didn’t expect too much so I’m not very disappointed.  Here’s a pic of our tables.  My daughter and I shared 2 tables.  You’ll notice that we were located in front of the food tables!!!Fair 4 2013So with this post, I will be clearing out my dining room to make way for our turkey dinner.  I’m guessing I won’t be doing much more sewing or cardmaking until after the holidays.

I would like to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving.  And as a footnote, if you’re not having turkey and would like to have a bit, come on down.  I have a 16+ pound turkey for 3 people so I anticipate lots of leftovers.




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