Visiting Old Friends

Good Morning,

Today I would like to share a thought.  I’m not sure if it’s only me but did you ever have such a passion for something, work it to death and they be over it?  Well, several years ago I was very much taken by Suzy Q designs.  I made a monumental purchase of Suzy Q stickers and had weeks of fun designing and making cards.  Then, as fast as it came, the passion was over.  Not that I still don’t think Suzy Q designs are adorable; it’s just that they served their purpose and I moved onto other designs.

I was looking on line for inspiration and spotted a little card someone made using the same Suzy Q designs.   At the same time, I was going through some things and found a bunch of stickers, forgotten for maybe 8 years.  The lightbulb went off!!! I dug out my stickers and made up 5 cards.  Only problem was, the stickers are so old that most of the adhesive had given in to years of aging.  I added some foam dots and made them into 3D pieces.

I’m going to visit some more “old friends” and see what I can come up with. Some of you may remember that I love hedgehogs………..especially Penny Black.  So guess what may be next!

Here’s a group pic of the 5 cards I made. Of course, I still have lots more and will see what else I can come up with for these little chicks.LAC 11-2a013

Back to the drawing board.


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One Response to Visiting Old Friends

  1. TA Carbone says:

    these are awesome, love them

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