Card Making Frenzy

Hello friends,

Again, I’ve been AWOL and yet again, I have a good excuse.  I’ve been on a card making frenzy.  This past week I’ve produced about 25 cards, 20 of which are for an order.  I went onto the internet/pintrest for some inspiration and came up with so many great cards that I want to make them all.  My goal:  Try to replicate the sample card, adding my own twist.  Not easy when you don’t have all the right supplies, dies, papers, etc.  Lots of what I needed I didn’t have so I made up some templates and cut by hand, which is fun, too!  I hope that if anyone sees something familiar, they’ll be happy that they’ve inspired me!  Unfortunately, I didn’t note who the creators were.  (sorry)  Some cards came very close to the inspiration piece, others varied a bit.  All in all, it was lots of fun to see how close I could come to the original inspiration.

This card is for my SIL’s birthday.  He’s a football fan.LAC Adam 10-2013


This card is very close to the original.

LAC Blank 10-2013


This card was inspired by a die cut card.  Too much to hand cut but I did have an embossing folder so that’s what I used.  I sanded the embossing to add a bit of dimension and added some pearls.  Since I love this little weed/flower, I’ll have to get the die.

LAC Emboss 10-2013



This card is too cute and very much looking like the inspiration card I found on the internet.  The kitty I traced and hand cut.

LAC TOY 10-2013

This last card is for a friend.  Quite a bit different from the original inspiration but the same general theme.  All pieces were hand cut from free clipart.

LAC for Beth 10-2013I will post pics of the other 20 cards during the week.

Oh, forgot to tell you.  After all this hand cutting, I’ve placed over $100 worth of dies onto my wish list at  just in case anyone is feeling generous! And I got a slab of pretty papers (380 sheets) at Joann’s, like I need more paper.

So there you have it for now.  Off to maybe make just a few more cards before I get back into quilting/sewing mode.

Have a great day!





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    Linda has been on a card making frenzy! Check out what she’s been up too lately…she’s always up late crafting!! Stop by and say hello.

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