Busy, Busy, Busy

Good morning all!

So you know when you think you got a handle on life and your playing your game like an pro?  Things are moving along, creative, productive and just plain having fun.  You’re in control and all is well in la-la land.  Or so you think!!!  I’ve been moving along right on schedule, doing my thing, enjoying the cooler weather here in the Northeast, preparing for a craft fair in November, enjoying little Demi, cooking, cleaning, etc.  I’ve also gone ahead and written up 2 more months of tutorials for http://diecutcrazymag.com/ . Then it hits me. I haven’t posted since August 22!!!!  What the hey. I always thought I was so good at multi-tasking but apparently the universe has other ideas for me.  I’ve been so focused on preparing for the fair and cooking with Lidia that my multi-tasking skills have gone to take a nap.  But I can fix that now. I have lots to show you and more to come.

First, here’s a recent pic of little Demi….just too darn cute.  When I need a break, I will just sit and stare at her and try to make her smile.  Of course, I look and act like a complete fool but Demi seems to likes it LOL.

Demi2months063_editedNext up are some pics of items I’ve been preparing for the fair in November.  I don’t usually do craft fairs but this fair is special, “Frank Says Hi”  http://franksayshi.com/ . Frank was a close friend of my daughter, Roo, so this is such a good cause how could I not contribute.  I’ve purchased 2 tables, one for me and one for my daughter, Jenn. It should be fun.

Multi-colored block crochet baby blanket

LAC Multi baby afghan


Yellow and white newborn set

LAC Baby layette NBFleece heart blanket

LAC Fleece Heart blanketI Love Mommy fleece blanket

LAC Fleece Heart I Love Blanket

Fleece flower blanket

LAC Fleece Flower blanket

Selection of novelty baby bibs and matching cards

LAC Carrot bib & Card  LAC Bib Watermelon & Card LAC Bib Strawberry & Card LAC Bib Pumpkin & Card LAC Bib Pear & Card LAC Bib Apple & Card

Assortment of baby girl, baby boy and Christmas hats with cards

LAC Baby Hats & cards


Baby burp cloths

LAC Baby Burp Cloths

Baby wash cloths

LAC Baby wash cloths


So there you have it, Morty. I will be making up some more items but first I need to make Demi’s kitty cat Halloween costume.  Demi will dress as Macaroni (our cat) and Macaroni will dress as Demi (our baby). We’ll see how this works out LOL.

Happy Autumn!


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2 Responses to Busy, Busy, Busy

  1. Robin Heit says:

    Wow, Linda, you sure have been crafting up a storm! Everything is beautiful, I especially love the strawberry bib! Gotta run, just wanted to let you know I’ve read this and enjoyed seeing what you have been doing!


  2. stephshock says:

    oh. my. gosh. Demi is so BEAUTIFUL!!!!! That picture is stunning!!!!

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