Flannel Blankets for sale

Hi All,

Well, it’s been a tough couple of weeks for me.  You know how one little idea turns into a grand project? Well, that’s what has happened to me.  A small garden project geared to use up left over stone has turned into a mega yard/garden re-do consuming my life for the past 2 1/2 weeks.  My body is broken, my mind exhausted, my enthusiasm depleted and I just want this to go away!!!  I don’t have pics yet…I want to wait until everything is completely done. And I didn’t think to take before pics as this wasn’t intended to be a total makeover.  However, you know how one thing leads to another to another……

In the meantime, I have managed to get a bit of crafting done. First are 7 flannel baby blankets that I made up.  So many have asked about the blanket I made for my new granddaughter, Demi.  As luck would have it, the flannel fabric was on sale for 70% off so why not purchase 24 yards!!!  I was able to complete 7 blankets which I am offering for sale, each at a fair cost of $20 plus postage, only because I was able to get such a deal on the fabric.  If anyone is interested, just email me at abitofmelac@yahoo.com and I can give you more details. All are two-sided, some with “I Love Grandma” and some with “I Love Mommy and Daddy”, both boy or girl.

Flannel Baby Blankets 8-2013I also made up this wacky cross stitch piece, inspired by a piece given to me by my friend, Robin.  I saw this on Pinterest and made up my own pattern.  Mine is for when I get frustrated and mad.  Robin’s is for when I’m thinking!!!

My piece:

XS plaque 8-2013

Robin’s piece:Robin 12-2013


And I can’t forget an up-dated pic of baby Demi.  She’s really developing her own personality and still captures the command of all 5 adults here.  Maybe she is why we don’t get much done around the house LOL.  We’re too busy still watching and gauking!

2013-08-08 18.06.09

Anyway, I hope to finish up with my garden work by this weekend.  And since it will be hot and humid here in Boston for the remainder of the week, I plan to get some ‘inside’ stuff done.

Take care,



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3 Responses to Flannel Blankets for sale

  1. Barbara says:

    Demi is so sweet…I love the flannel blankets but alas no more grandbabies in the works..maybe one day great grands. Love the CX and need to do one similar. Thanks

  2. Debbie says:

    Your granddaughter is so adorable. Love all those baby uggs.

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