A few Iris Folding Cards

Hello all,

So my big question of the day….”HOW CAN ONE LITTLE BABY TAKE UP SO MUCH TIME?”  Little Demi, 3 weeks old now, is such a good baby.  However, this one little baby commands so much attention.  Five adults in the house and we all are always so busy doing for Demi. Who would have thought that one little bundle of joy could keep a household hopping.  Everywhere I go I’m walking into ‘baby stuff’.  Is one little baby entitled to have ‘stuff’ on all 4 floors of the house????  I probably would have said no way a few months ago but now, YES, YES, YES!!!  We no sooner get her fed, changed and to sleep and it’s time to do it all over again.  It’s as if they have ‘radar’….as soon as I sit down to start some crafting, it’s feeding time again.  And just so I’m clear about things, I’m not complaining…..I’m just wondering how I ended up with the ‘night shift’????

So between all the baby madness around here, I have managed to squeeze out a few cards this week (something that previously would have taken 1 day to accomplish).  I’ve been on an Iris Folding kick again and have made up a few cards.  Thanks to a very talented designer, Bergkaarten, she makes it easy to look good!  Here’s the link to her blog: http://bergkaarten.blogspot.com/

Babushka Doll – pattern design by Bergkaarten

LAC Babushka Doll IF 7-2013

Fish – pattern design by BergkaartenLAC Fish IF 7-2013

Lady’s Apron – pattern design by BergkaartenLAC Lady Apron IF 8-2013

Ladybug – pattern design by BergkaartenLAC Ladybug IF 8-2013

Men’s Apron – pattern designby BergkaartenLAC Man Apron IF 8-2013

I don’t usually put a sentiment on my cards until I’m ready to send, that way I leave my options open.

I’ve also been working on some tutorials for Die Cut Crazy digital magazine,  http://diecutcrazymag.com/, one for this month entitled “Positive/Negative” and another for September “One Die, Many Looks”.  There have been several changes to the magazine so check it out!

I’m going to move forward now with some sewing. I had a few requests for flannel baby blankets like the ones I recently posted for the twin baby girls. I purchased 24 yards of flannel!  It was on sale last week at Joann’s at 70% off so why not!!!!



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    I’ve never tried this, but I’m certainly inspired to now!

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